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This week we have a special treat! An episode we once thought was lost has been recovered so it comes to you now! On this episode we talk about Rachel Dolezal, cooking shows and the importance of desserts, and Beau’s conversation with a 17 year old magazine salesman. Have a beautiful week and enjoy our MAGICAL TALES FROM THE PAST!!!

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James is back! In his return, he reveals to Beau and Jeffrey that he almost had a baby and found religion (barely).  The dudes talk about faith, Whole Foods and the window for making jokes about overweight people is quickly closing.  Oh, and aliens are totally real.  Yep, Jeffrey fills everybody in a series called Unsealed: Alien Files and it turns out that aliens are the realest.  SHARE THE SHOW WITH A FRIEND!!! THANKS SO MUCH, FOLKS!!!

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The show kicks off with Beau pointing out what a sack of garbage Jeffrey is... he's sick again and Beau is loving it. The guys reluctantly reminisce about 1980's sitcoms like Small Wonder, Perfect Strangers, Just the Ten of Us, and Full House, in anticipation of the reboot, Fuller House.  Somewhere in there, Beau gets fired up about white people naming kids and how black people name children.  Later, it is revealed that Jeffery generally doesn't know anything and refuses to read books.  Finally, the guys dig into the first Republican Debate, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and why you should not vote for anyone.  

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James is dead so it’s just Beau Bowker and Jeffrey Jay again. Jeff is hot off the release of the RISK! Podcast where he told the story of losing his virginity, Beau publicly endorses Donald Trump for President of the United States, and Beau’s mom is still a hummingbird. This gets the boys talking about death, dying, past lives, and Beau’s wishes to go camping before he dies. Make sure to tweet @TwoBlackWomen the way you wish to die, and we will see what we can do! We love you so much!

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What better way to start the show than with some good, old fashioned, juvenile idiocy?! #legfartsforhearts It's News Monday and there is so much death happening! A hitchhiking robot named HitchBOT had a rough time getting through Philadelphia, the death of Cecil the Lion has caused an internet frenzy, plus Rowdy Roddy Piper perished and so did Hulk Hogan's career.  Also, Wet Hot American Summer the series came out on Netfliz! Don't forget to tweet the Jacksonville Jaguars (@Jaguars) to congratulate them on being the official NFL team of the podcast. Lastly, an iTunes comment gets real sexy, real slowly.  PLEASE FOLLOW THE TWO BLACK WOMEN CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE!!! 

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With Roger Goodell denying Tom Brady's appeal in the Deflategate scandal and Jeffrey Jay joining Erin Foley at Sports Without Balls podcast as a producer, the guys come at you with some hot sports takes. Beau attempts to answer Jeffrey's sports questions and Jeffrey fixes football. Plus, why Beau hates LeBron James and ESPN and they play a fun game to pick Jeff's favorite NFL team. Catch Beau this weekend at the Punchline in Sacramento with Michael Yo and Nick Guerra! And follow the guys on Periscope and Twitter! @TwoBlackWomen @BeauBowker @HeyJeffreyJay @JamesPonceComic

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Love is in the air! A friend of the show recently got engaged, Jeffrey is fresh off a very personal appearance on the Risk podcast, and both Beau and Jeffrey are super in love! Yayyyyyy! They talk about concepts from Codependent No More before taking relationship questions, dating advice and sex questions from Twitter and Facebook, including romance in the workplace, guys' propensity for butts, the dreaded friend zone, and role playing. Be sure to share the show with a friend or coworker!

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Two Black Women welcome to the show, comedian and writer, Jason James.  Jason has traveled the globe and plans to do more... by scooter.  This turns into some hot scooter talk for the foursome.  The dude also lived in Russia, which leads to a visit from a dear friend of the podcast, Notorious P.I.G.'s Manager.  It is revealed that Jason types on a portable typewriter... at this point, you can hear that Jason is quickly becoming Beau's Man Crush Monday #MCM.  The guys discuss the importance of being connected to your work and your creativity, especially in writing. Plus, the group talks about video games, testosterone filled Jeffrey, James comments on misgendering, getting blackout drunk, and Beau following Kim Kardashian on Instagram to be a nice troll.  Lastly, the guys discuss small town life and losing your virginity therein. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THE SHOW WITH A FRIEND!!! 

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The show kicks off with a phat rhyme dropped by the one and only One Take Sally.  The guys give Beau some flack for his old man, New Balance shoes.  Jeffrey announces that he is going to be on the Risk podcast for a live show in Reno, Nevada on Saturday, July 25th.  Go to for tickets.  Be there!    The guys talk swimsuit fashion at this year's Miami Swim Week, of course.  On the heels of her coming out party and her winning the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPY awards, James wanted more of a grand spectacle that he breaks down for us.  The dudes discuss Mick Fanning being attacked by a shark on live television at the J-Bay Open and a man on a mountain bike getting chased by a grizzly bear, filmed on a GoPro!  Good time!  Plus, how much does it cost to go Hogwarts?  The guys take a guess and react to J.K. Rowling's answer to the tuition question.  WE LOVE YOU SO BAD! CHECK US OUT ON YOUTUBE AND SHARE THE SHOW WITH A PAL!

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What does it take to be a man? Are you a man? Do you even know what a real man looks like? If you answered no or yes to any of those questions, then you need to download this episode, because Beau, Jeffrey and James discuss what it means to be a man's man! Some candidates for a man's man include Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Mr. Clean and Wilford Brimley. Plus, some hot amputee talk, like that guy Aron Ralston from 127 Hours. And where does feminism fall in this whole debate? Tune in, find out, and tell a friend. LEAVE US AN ITUNES COMMENT!!! Please.

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