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Happy Monday! The dudes are recording on football Sunday,  providing a recap of the day’s NFL action and go over all of the super hot quarterbacks in the league.  Later, Cholo Peen makes a memorable appearance.  Jeffrey is back from doing a show in New York where he wore his panda shirt… a lot… like so incredibly much… it smells of cheese.  The guys talk about meeting your significant others’ parents and how intimidating it can be to meet the men in the family.  James ran into a petition about transgender bathrooms, which opens up a debate between Beau and Jeffrey about identifying.  This leads to the rest of Jeffrey’s trip that led into today.   Lastly, the dudes plug their upcoming shows (September 30th at the Brea Improv and October 13th at the Addison Improv).  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT!!! LISTEN, ENJOY, SHARE WITH A FRIEND OR CO-WORKER!!!


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Honeydew melon is the worst! Speaking of that horrible fruit, Beau rails against Jeffrey's sad pre-show meal and the guys discuss sad things to do. This leads into the guys talking about their recent funks, Jeffrey's tough day, Beau being insensitive, and James' way of helping people. Plus, animal hairdresser Lao Tzu and James has Jeffrey read Beau's journal. Lastly, come out and see the guys at the Brea Improv on September 30th and the Addison Improv on October 13th. Beau's dad is coming to the shows and is going to try to sleep with his girlfriend.

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Start your Monday off with the sweet, soothing sounds of Jeffrey and Clone Jeff making love to one another.  Beau and James talk about their recent show in San Diego in front of a polyamorous group in preparation for the upcoming Two Black Women live podcast at the Brea Improv on September 30th. Ever heard of it?! Beau's dad recently came to his standup show for the first time and met his girlfriend, Karen. James tells us about how he and some other comics donated some time and blood to the Chirldren's Hospital.  It's news Monday and we learn that there has been a terrible accident involving a Turkish truck hauling bees, plus Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner is coming after Hasbro over a plastic toy hamster. Two of Jeffrey's closest friends try to convince him that he deserves to be treated better.  Liam Neeson stops by to spread vicious lies about Beau.  THANK YOU FOR LISTENING, LAUGHING AND SPREADING THE GOOD WORD!!! WE LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!

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The guys get into the show by chastising Jeffrey about his lack of professionalism, which can only be attributed to his made-up weight problem. This leads to a discussion of Nicole Arbour's "Dear Fat People" video and comedian and pal Shawn Halpin's response, "Response to Dear Fat People," which went viral. Plus, Beau still has a problem with blind people and James talks about the power of people that don't know they can't do something. Chuck Cock, attorney at law, makes a splash onto the podcast, and the guys share a bunch of news about upcoming shows: September 9th at Navajo Live Bar in San Diego, September 30th at the Brea Improv (, and the Addison Improv on October 13th.

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HAPPY LABOR DAY LOSERS! It’s News Monday so celebrate your labor day by listening to the news from your three favorite people! On this episode the boys talk about gay marriage, Jeff going to the DVM, Beau’s hatred for bikes and his interest in black motorcyclers. Then we learn about the story of how Beau and James fell in love. Finally they get to the news and discuss Kim Davis, renaming drinks, and a racist news story! WE HAVE SOOOO MANY SHOWS COMING UP but two cool ones are Brea on September 30th and San Diego is September  9th! We love you bunches!


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The guys open up the show by talking about fan tweets about Jeffrey before getting into his recent Facebook run in with an old, well hung high school classmate. That leads into the recent Huffington Post article about a Mexican man's 19 inch burden between his legs and the female anatomy. The guys talk about board games growing up and classic video games and the lameness of Dance Dance Revolution. THANK YOU ALL FOR LISTENING, SUPPORTING AND SHARING THE SHOW! WE LOVE YOU!!!

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The guys welcome everybody in and talk about Jeffrey's and James' obsession with all things cooking.  Beau and James read some emails from listeners that are concerned with Jeffrey's nonexistent weight problem.  A listener and friend of Jeffrey offers some clarification on the never-ending bottomless ball pit debate.  While discussing how lame and poor news reporting has become, the guys decide to start a dance crew. Jeffery serves up some further details on the developing Ashley Madison hack, James talks about U.S. astronauts drinking the pee of Russian cosmonauts, and Beau tells everybody about a zoo owner had some choice words for his pony-riding baboon on live television. Plus, iTunes comment of the week!  COME SEE THE GUYS AT THE BREA IMPROV ON SEPTEMBER 30th! GO TO BREA.IMPROV.COM FOR TICKETS!!! 

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Much to the chagrin of Jeffrey and James, Beau brings up how he believes black folks name kids and gives some examples from listeners that submitted their mashed up names to the @TwoBlackWomen Twitter.  Taking Snapchats of concerts is the worst and the guys discuss taking pictures versus being in the moment and how nobody cares about your vacation. James got his Blue Apron box and is excited about his newfound joy in cooking. Beau and Jeffrey yell at each other about staying on the phone too long, and Jeffrey talks about cooking for his Australian ex. Plus, an iTunes review and the guys are at the Brea Improv on September 30th for a live podcast! Get tickets at! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING AND SUPPORTING THE SHOW!!! 

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In this week's show, Beau bullies Jeffrey, James went to a pretty sweet fair and the guys talk about carnival rides and carny folk.  It's News Monday, which means Two Black Women Podcast has all of the news that's fit to pod, including Josh Duggar from 19 Kids and Counting getting outed in the Ashley Madison leak and Jared Fogle from Subway pleading guilty to being a disgusting garbage person.  THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! SHARE THE SHOW WITH A FRIEND! 

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The fellas are back from a fun-filled day at the beach and Jeffrey is terribly sunburned. James had a happy birthday thanks to a bunch of cool fans sending things like Blue Apron (sponsor us) and Edible Arrangements (sponsor us). Plus, the George Foreman Grill, Die Antward meets the Teletubbies. Oh, and body hair, farting, and being comfortable in your relationship. Lastly, The Fat Jewish from instagram and the backlash from the comedy community. Speaking of which, the guys have a LIVE PODCAST at the Brea Improv on September 30th! Go to for tickets!

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