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The dudes open up by discussing people's attitudes towards Mondays, Beau's relationship with his live-in girlfriend and James' favorite hairstyle for ladies. James tells a very personal story about an attempted carjacking and Beau discusses the recent Facebook post that went viral about the unfortunately named Vietnamese-Australian, Phuc Dat Bich. Plus, James shares a bunch of great and not-so-great life hacks and Jeffrey Jay shares a news story about Fappy, the Anti-Masturbation Dolphin. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!!! CHECK OUT OUR PATREON PAGE AND SHARE THE SHOW WITH A FRIEND!!!

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James, Beau and Jeffrey welcome everybody in and discuss the Holly Holm vs. Ronda Rousey fight wherein Rousey got knocked the eff out. This leads to a conversation about women in sports, buff women, and body building. The big news among the dudes is that Beau shaved his beard. Beau may have also shaved his butt. Jeffrey and James are freaked out by Beau's weird, naked face and break down what he looks like. Jeffrey asks, "If you had to get an implant to improve something surgically, what would it be?" Lastly, we meet yet another growth on Beau... His younger brother that grew out of his neck. THANK YOU FOR DONATING TO THE CAUSE ON !!!

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The guys explain dubstep to Beau and they drop several beats or something. The new Star Wars is coming out in December and James and Jeffrey couldn't be more excited. It's their Super Bowl; but it's Beau's nightmare. The Well-Adjusted Kid weighs in on just how much Star Wars: The Force Awakens means to him. Plus, Jeffrey and James decide that Beau is selling his 2 bed/no bath apartment and eats waffles on the toilet. Oh, and Jeff shit his dick off. THANK YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING AND LISTENING AND AN EXTRA SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THE PATREON DONORS! Go to to get your awesome rewards today! 

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The ol' band is back together! Jeffrey Jay is back with James Ponce and Beau Bowker! But first he has to say goodbye to his boyfriend Yacub. The guys hear about Jeffrey's trip and college shows, including making new friends, as well as his q and a sessions about being transgender. Plus, guest appearances by Toby, the Well-Adjusted Kid, and the Texas City Guys. Thank you to all who have contributed to the Patreon site! Check out the video and sweet rewards here: . We love you all!!!

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Big news from the Two Black Women Podcast! The dudes are launching a campaign to raise funds on Patreon to grow the show and bring you more original content! Go check out the campaign at In this episode, the guys explain the campaign and get phone calls from their favorite guests, like Zooey Deschanel, Jeffrey Jay's boyfriend, Liam Neeson, Toby, Lil' Javier and James' subconscious. Check it out, donate if you can on Patreon, keep you enjoying the podcast and telling your pals about the show! THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE LOVE AND SUPPORT, FOLKS!!! WE LOVE YOU REAL REAL BAD!!!

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Beau and James welcome you into a signature episode of laughs, commentary and motivation.  The dudes talk about how relationships change over time and how the party game Taboo can ruin a relationship.  James opens up about some recent epiphanies regarding the fear of success, the importance of being yourself, and saying "Yes!" to your self, the Universe and opportunity.  There's also a visit from Dusty, the ghetto guy who's easily impressed by your Instagram pictures, and a new character (the kid who is upbeat about his dysfunctional, abusive family).  It's good times all around!  THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU LOYAL AND SUPPORTIVE LISTENERS!!! YOU GUYS AND GALS MEAN A LOT TO US!!! THANK YOU!!!

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In the afterglow o Halloween, James and Beau talk about Beau's costume with his girlfriend. The guys get into how much the band Kiss totally sucks and why Peter Criss would choose the Catman persona. James shares a news story about a real life zombie eating a kid's brain in a haunted house in Austin, Texas. This leads to a discussion on urban legends, including New Kids On The Block member Joey McIntire and Rod Stewart having a whole bunch of semen pumped out of their stomachs. Jeffrey Jay calls in again from Chicago to discuss his Halloween costume with his boyfriend. Thank you all for listening and sharing the show with a co-worker or friend!!!

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James and Beau get Jeffrey Jay on the horn and back on the podcast! He tells the fellas about Chicago (mostly just the weather), gigs across the country, kissing and life with his Jewish boyfriend.  With Halloween coming up, the guys talk about trick or treating at sex offenders' houses and Beau's awesome Fetty Wap pumpkin.  Finally, Jeffrey talks about pranking his boyfriend and documenting it all on Facebook. THANK YOU ALL FOR LISTENING AND SHARING THE SHOW WITH A FRIEND!!! HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! 

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Beau and James are on location! They are squatting at a Corner Bakery in magical Burbank across the street from an Ikea. The dudes talk about Beau's recent trip to Ikea and James explains that couples may enter, but they don't all make it out. They also discuss why it's so depressing there and the Ikea monkey. Rusty, the guy who is easily impressed by your instagram, drops in for some hot Sharon Stone talk, plus the James talks about that guy growing up that could be coaxed into anything. Thank you ladies and dudes for listening and supporting our podcast!!! We love you so hard!!!


Rusty -- the guy who is in awe of your instagram

-- the guy who does everything you tell him to do.

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With the dudes out on the road, James, Beau and Jeffrey each hold their own segment, discussing topics that they came up with. Transport by animal, designing their own video game, and the new Star Wars trailer, the guys separately share their thoughts on each. Enjoy! And tell a friend about the show while you're at it! Thank you all!

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