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August 2014
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On today's episode, the guys talk about James & Jeffrey's hiking adventure and why Beau missed out. This leads to the topic of Beau's day job and the idea of following your dreams. Lastly, the fellas hash out a recent controversy they were faced with regarding the podcast... dun-dun-dun! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING & NOT BEING EASILY OFFENDED! WE LOVE YOU BIG TIME!

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Comedians James Ponce, Beau Bowker & Jeffrey Jay talk about the difference between being charming as opposed to being adorable. Jeffrey tries to get all sexy on the listeners with the coaching of James and Beau. The guys stress the importance of just being yourself and focusing on your strengths. PLEASE SHARE THE LINK WITH A FRIEND OR COWORKER!!!  YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!! EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!

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James Ponce & Beau Bowker start off by describing how they prep for the podcast and how Jeffrey Jay wanted to talk about his guilty pleasure: Bowling. He has an awesome bowling story that he is dying to tell. Beau talks about his disdain for color runs and tough mudder while James wants to make an adult playground. Then, Jeff talks about his biggest fear yet and James and Beau will never stop laughing. TELL A FRIEND & SHARE THE LINK! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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James Ponce, Beau Bowker & Jeffrey Jay open up by talking about their stand-up shows in Fort Lauderdale and Ontario with Jo Koy & Michael Yo, respectively, and discuss all of the amazing fans that they met.  The guys also talk about different members of their family that have been listening (sort of) to the podcast.  After Jeffrey recounts seeing a beautiful dude, the guys ponder which magical, mythical creature they would each be.  Also... remember when all of those cool celebrity naked pictures got leaked of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande and every other woman ever?  Well, the guys talk about that too in a spirited debate.  PLEASE SHARE THE SHOW LINK WITH A FRIEND!  THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!  WE LOVE YOU REAL HARD! 

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James Ponce, Beau Bowker & Jeffrey Jay open up the show talking about how everyone needs a straight friend. One time, Beau got a ghetto makeover. Jeff talks about a positive day he had and James & Beau discuss what utopia looks like. James gives some sweet positivity to the listeners. Lastly, the guys discuss their worst standup sets in their careers. THANKS FOR LISTENING & SUBSCRIBING! TELL A FRIEND!

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James Ponce, Beau Bowker & Jeffrey Jay discuss musicals and how they are totally gay. James imagines Beau's sex life and it is not pretty. The guys all get pretty pissed off about Miley Cyrus at the VMA's and how she brought some beautiful homeless dude with her. So dumb. Anyway, tell your friends about the show & leave a comment on iTunes and Stitcher! Thanks for everything, guys!

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The guys talk about nicknames and end up naming each other's junk.  James is worried that Beau is trying to turn the podcast into a crappy morning FM radio show (don't worry, that is obviously never happening).  Beau tries to play off some technical difficulties and ends up looking like an idiot.  Old Man Bowker treats himself to some Pinkberry and then gets irate about some kid singing a song.  James impersonates Beau's penis at the movies and it is awesome. 

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Beau offends Jeff, & James returns from Guam with a fable of two star crossed lovers. Jeff got an HIV test and ten bucks. The guys debate about porn & masturbation. Also Beau hates communities. All of them. PLEASE SHARE THE SHOW WITH A FRIEND! YOU ARE THE BEST!

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In their first bonus episode, the Two Black Women gang (James Ponce, Beau Bowker, & Jeffrey Jay) talk about messing with Jeffrey for his fear of spiders & learn about his hometown of Texaa City, Texas, the most horrifying place on Earth. You have to hear why. Shark Week has nothing on Texas City's murder dolphins. Plus a visit from Ted Ramirez, Space Pope. SHARE THE SHOW WITH A FRIEND!

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Our own James Ponce is preparing to set sail to do a series of standup shows in Guam. Jeffrey Jay does some of the characters that he's been working really hard on. Beau Bowker is going to take Jeffrey for a fashion makeover. Beau talks about one time when he got ambushed by a bunch of dudes jerking off in a Spanish train station bathroom. Plus the guys go over karaoke do's & don'ts and seranade you with some sweet tunes.  PLEASE RATE & COMMENT ON ITUNES! KEEP SHARING WITH YOUR FRIENDS & COWORKERS! WE LOVE YOU SO BAD!

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