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August 2017
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Welcome to another episode of these three comedians hanging out, talking about anything and everything. The guys talk about the LGBT community and how the Two Black Women Podcast has been down with the transgender movement before it was cool, plus they give their thoughts on the recent Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer.  Bummed they neglected Star Wars Day on Monday, May the 4th Be With You and all that stuff, James and Jeffrey get deep into some Star Wars convo, much to Beau's chagrin. What would a standup comedian sound like on Tatooine?  You're about to find out! Beau wants to know why Jeffrey has disobeyed his mother and refused to let Beau take him shopping and they get into Beau's fishnet fetish. Finally, Toby and Little Javier stop by. Thank you for listening, sharing with a friend or coworker, and rating the show on iTunes! 

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A warm welcome to the new listeners with some standard Snapchat wiener talk!  The guys recount Jeffrey's recent dosage of testosterone (he's transgender! ever heard of it?!), his aversion to needles and what a badass dude he becomes when T'ed up. News Monday is back and there is much to discuss, including a domestic dispute that led to an eight mile ride on top of a car, a contest to crown the best beer most finely crafted from sewage water, and China takes a hard stance on funeral strippers.  Somewhere in between, Zooey Deschanel stops by when the fellas talk toxic relationships and the fine line between passion and misery.  Don't forget to tell a friend and check out new videos at

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The guys welcome everyone with Jeffrey's adult voice, which Beau uses to field solicitors' phone calls.  We also learn that Jeff has the tiniest feet in the world.  James has another brilliant invention and decides to whip out the drunk motivational speaker to crush Jeff's dreams. James is living the metaphor and conquering life's hills or something! Cholo Peen pops in and Clone Jeff drops by to bully everyone.  Before the show closes, we are introduced to the new hit show: Jeffrey Jay, Kid Detective.  The guys have some new videos up on YouTube and at!  Check them out and spread them all over the place!

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Fresh off their recent show at the Improv, the guys give a recap of the events of the past week.  The dudes have received an embarrassment of gift... meats, books, meats, tequila, meats, shirts, meats, cookies and someone even bought the guys meats.  Jeffrey received his very own star, which is some sort of space sin according to resident Space Pope Ted Ramirez.  James and Jeffrey recount the stay of their recent house guests, Papa Jay and Uncle John and Beau talks about the secret of Jeff's parents' marriage.  A new Two Black Women video is up at featuring their Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Challenge.  Do the challenge yourself, post the video on Instagram, tag the guys with @twoblackwomen and use the hashtag #2BW.  Thank you for sharing the show with a friend! 

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Adam Levine... For Nobody

It's a whole new world here at the 2BW podcast. You can tell because the guys play that song from Aladdin. Jeffrey Jay's mom has requested that Beau take Jeffrey clothes shopping and she got a little something special for him as a reward... inspired by Adam Levine. Also, scorned strippers and the importance of leaving a good impression. Follow us on Periscope! Thanks for the love, guys and girls!

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Happy 420 everyone! That is a pot term in case you didn’t know and consider that your first News Monday story! Jeff celebrated his Sunday with James by having a good ol’ fashion Disney musical marathon. Ok, Jeff forced James to watch them which leads to a  discussion of Oklahoma, city horses and yes…Beau is one sixteenth Sioux. Don’t even think of stealing the selfie gym idea or the cloning machine that clones Jeff onto an aggressive jerk! Hear about the Cheating marathon winner who got busted, the poor African Penguins who can’t find each other attractive enough to bang, or Black Mamba (cool it ladies it’s not what you think)?  Of course you haven't but that’s why we are here!  THANK YOU FOR SPREADING THE WORD ABOUT THE PODCAST!

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The show opens with James announcing the beginning of the newest chapter in his life and the upside of making a career leap.  This leads to the epic tale of Beau and James' recent big night out where they were caught in a swinger situation.  Along the way, the guys talk about role playing, Jeffrey's beard, and Beau's intimate grooming, aka manscaping.  Plus, the sexiest Catholic mass in Southern California, Jeffrey gets stuck in a lady's V, sex tips from a drunk lady, and Armenian beer commercials: What's So Funny? Drink Hakasian Beer! And don't forget to comment and rate the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and wherever fine podcasts are sold... for free.

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The dudes are back for another week of sweet, sweet talk for that ass; but mostly for those ears. James mentions that Gay Pride is being celebrated across the nation, which begs the question: how does Texas City celebrate Pride?  This, quite predictably, leads to Beau deeply offending Jeffrey.  Eventually, there's weird news to be discussed! Non-news / clickbait / Buzzfeed style journalism, a baby that was dropped in a cheetah cage, the legend of Kim Jong Un, and the whacky kids down at the Westboro Baptist Church.  Also, Jeffrey probably has Feline AIDS.  THANK YOU FOR SPREADING THE WORD ABOUT THE PODCAST!

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James and Beau cheer up poor Jeffrey, discuss whistling, the finger snapping champion of the world and secret, stupid talents. Almost every letter in LGBTQQIAAP (yeah, that's real) hates each other and Jeff. As part of the effort to uplift Jeffrey, the guys promise Jeff a Jeff Day. Liam Neeson stops buy and the winner of the March Radness Bracket Challenge is crowned.  Lastly, the guys talk about their moms' heartthrobs, Jeff's pre-Jeff fantasy about Britney Spears.  And scissoring.  Always scissoring. It's all a lot funnier than it sounds. Thank you for subscribing and telling a friend!

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To start things off, Jeffrey is back! But still in the sewer.  Beau and Jeff tell James about how they totally maybe probably didn't see a UFO.  Plus, it's Easter Sunday inspiring the guys to lay out some sweet, hilarious activities for listeners over at, and discuss zombie Jesus and zombie ants.  Time for the weird news of the day!  A Florida couples is arrested for selling golden tickets to Heaven, Seattle is DNA testing your dog's poop, and there's a list of things you can't remember thanks to technology. Oh, and there's a debate about spirituality and atheism. As they wrap up the show, and just in time for the NCAA Championship game between Duke and Wisconsin, March Radness comes to a thrilling conclusion. Thanks to all that have shared the show with a friend or coworker!

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