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August 2017
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One more try everyone! Sorry for the audio issues in the last attempt but James is a dumb-dumb and you'll hear why. Luckily Mike Suarez fills in for old man Bowker and D.J. Transy-Jeff bringing stories of last minute pre-prison sex as well as the scariest Recycling mascot ever. Try to sleep now hippies! Try not to be a creep at work but if you have to....use a two way mirror like James' coworker ya sicko. We are taking payments for the Border Guard Pyramid scheme which isn't at all a pyramid. Pay up! Once again ladies, James hitting your butt means you're a bro and don't even think of dropping and floppin'...he says "Yeck, you are all my friends"

Special thanks to Mike! Find him @mikevsuarez RATE! SUBSCRIBE! KISS!        

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The boys are in three cities so they couldn't record. Cynthia tried to help and totally screwed the pooch so here is out replacement episode, but DON'T JUDGE US YET. Because Wednesday's episode is going to be the best episode in the whole wide world! We love you all! Thank you for being so amazing!

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On the road again! James and Beau are in Dallas... or Addison for shows at the Addison Improv! The dudes regale us in tales of their trip to the Texas State Fair! Deep fried foods, southern Mexican ladies and Ford Trucks! And Lispy Guy shows up to expose the podcast recording schedule. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT! WE LOVE YOU A WHOLE BUNCH!

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The dudes are fired up and ready to go! Beau talks about what a great time it is to be transgender. James talks about his favorite breakup songs and leads Beau down a memory of singing karaoke to his high school English class with his Filipino teacher. More music talk as the guys discuss Adele, Reggae, and how the NFL used Demi Lovato to ruin football. Demi Lovato sings her new football song. Beau has some big relationship news! And his neighbor Andy weighs in on the development. THANK YOU GUYS FOR LISTENING!!! COME SEE THE GUYS AT THE ADDISON IMPROV, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 13th!!!

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The dudes are on the road... literally. James and Beau go for a drive through Los Angeles and you're along for the ride as they discuss their live podcast at the Brea Improv, shortening ethnic names and the upcoming show at the Addison Improv on October 13th. Beau talks about how he doesn't want his kid wearing a bicycle helmet or sitting in a car seat. The guys take a time out to head inside a coffee shop where they discuss dog owners, the other patrons at the coffee shop and the wasteland of dreams and talent that is L.A. To wrap it up, Beau and James talk about the power of saying "I don't know" and that dude who is a total know-it-all. Thank you for listening, folks! We love you so bad! Tell a friend about the show!

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The boys are on the road again sort of, and second stop on the TBW tour is Brea California! Drinking games and activity sheets weren't needed, but they made it that much more fun so play along at home, work or gym. Geez you are a drunk. Justin Foster guests hosts the show due to Jeffrey Jay's untimely death but that helps lead right into death bed regrets. Yes, missing this show will be one now for you. Relationship topics sprout up just in time for an audience member to propose to James and *spoiler alert* he says "Yep, ok". An unexpected twerk dance from a Kenyan woman, red flags in relationships, first date sex, and desecrating Jeff's memorial picture still couldn't top the ongoing debate of whether Beau has a third nip finally settled by non other than Donald Trump!

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In honor of the live podcast at the Brea Improv (September 30th), the guys are sharing their first ever live show from the Navajo Live Bar!  With special guest Justin Foster, James and Beau talk to their eclectic audience, which included a Polyamorous Meet-Up group.  This leads to a discussion about the guys losing their virginity and sleeping with your friend's girlfriend.  Plus, a news story about a lady that had a very interesting holster... spoiler alert, we are talking about her vagina. Oh, and Beau gets into it with a "Wheelchaired American." COME OUT TO BREA!!! EMAIL THE DUDES AT TWOBLACKWOMEN@GMAIL.COM TO GET ON THE GUEST LIST!!! 

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ThWelcome into another week with Beau, James and Jeffrey! The guys talks about the polarity of James and Jeffrey's neighborhood and their loud neighbors with their Latin freestyle music.  The conversation turns to yapping dogs and Beau's recent visit to the home of his friends and how he watched a video of the birth of their son.  He... saw... everything.  EV-ERY-THING.  And he tells all.  The bulging, the cutting, the birthing.  Intense.  James and Jeffrey want to see Beau's girlfriend give birth, and Beau isn't exactly on board with this.  Come see the dudes for a live podcast at the Brea Improv this Wednesday, September 30th and at the Addison Improv on October 13th!!! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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The boys are back and THEY HATE CHARITY! Beau, James, and Jeff get to the bottom of Coffee Bean's "Folgers for Soldiers" campaign for the troupes, people who bug you at gas stations, and that guy who sells you magic spray. We learn that Beau has a real hard time getting a burrito when he wants one and that Jeffrey embarrassed himself at the World Series of Comedy. But wait, THERE'S MORE! There is a live podcast at the Brea Improv on September 30th. Get tickets at AND a standup show at the Addison Improv in Dallas, TX on October 13th! We love you. We miss you! Have a great Wednesday.

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Happy Monday! The dudes are recording on football Sunday,  providing a recap of the day’s NFL action and go over all of the super hot quarterbacks in the league.  Later, Cholo Peen makes a memorable appearance.  Jeffrey is back from doing a show in New York where he wore his panda shirt… a lot… like so incredibly much… it smells of cheese.  The guys talk about meeting your significant others’ parents and how intimidating it can be to meet the men in the family.  James ran into a petition about transgender bathrooms, which opens up a debate between Beau and Jeffrey about identifying.  This leads to the rest of Jeffrey’s trip that led into today.   Lastly, the dudes plug their upcoming shows (September 30th at the Brea Improv and October 13th at the Addison Improv).  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT!!! LISTEN, ENJOY, SHARE WITH A FRIEND OR CO-WORKER!!

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