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August 2017
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It's Monday, and that means weird news on the podcast! James Ponce & Beau Bowker go old school Two Black Women all over your faces, as Jeffrey Jay is on tour. The guys talk about an infested house, a new way to conserve water, Hitler's sex life, a walking meth lab, taking advantage of the elderly, and a fast and easy funeral parlor. And Zooey Deschanel drops by! THANKS FOR TELLING YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THE SHOW!!! YOU'RE THE BEST. EVER. IN THE WORLD. FOR REALSIES.

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James Ponce, Beau Bowker, and Jeffrey Jay are back from Chicago and there is a lot of catching up to do. The boys visited the Chicago Field Museum where they learned Jeff has the strength of an eight year old, went to a Wrigley Field, got yelled at at a hotdog stand, and were pulled over by a Russian cop... ALL IN THE SAME NIGHT! Oh yeah, and it's apparently Hispanic Heritage Month. Keep up with us on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, and if you haven't already RATE & SUBSCRIBE!

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Fresh off a bar show in Southern California, James Ponce, Beau Bowker & Jeffrey Jay welcome comedian Nick Guerra (Last Comic Standing)(@NickComic). James & Beau are a little tipsy after Beau's life heckler bought them a bunch of drinks. The guys talk about the show and their early experiences as standup comics. WE LOVE YOU ALL! FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @JAMESPONCECOMIC @BEAUBOWKER @HEYJEFFREYJAY

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It's a new week and a new format for Monday episodes here at Two Black Women podcast!  James Ponce, Beau Bowker & Jeffrey Jay each come up with news articles they stumbled across and then say ridiculous things about them.  They discuss the new iPhone 6, a super sexy auction, plane masturbation and as usual, they find a way to talk about potato salad and turtles. Tweet us your thoughts and feelings about the show and any topics you want us to cover in the future. Make sure that the feelings aren't just about your relationship with your stepfather... unless that made the news this week.  @JamesPonceComic @BeauBowker @HeyJeffreyJay THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE!!! WE LOVE YOU BACK!!! PLATONICALLY!!!

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The boys venture out of Schaumberg and into Chicago, snapchatting along the way! Jeffrey Jay is upset because Beau Bowker & James Ponce are once again teasing him, this time about how he refuses to mix chocolates.  Jeff exacts his revenge by regaling the listerners in a tale of the boys' debauched trip into the city.  The three comedians were guests on the popular podcast, Feast of Fun (check out their episode!), ate delicious barbecue at Q, and watched the Bears beat the Jets on Monday Night Football where Beau & James proceeded to get absolutely wasted.  They befriended city folk, offended an entire bar of patrons, ruined Beau's Uber rating and threw up on all sorts of things.  And everybody's favorite, except for Beau, joins the show: Adam Levine!  PLEASE SHARE THE SHOW WITH A FRIEND OR COWORKER!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LOVE!!!

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James and Jeffrey open up by sharing stories about ice cream which, understandably, leads them to talk about doing hard time. James catches us up on his latest trip to Dayton where he went to a drag show.  Beau discovers how attractive he is on many different scales. Oh, and Jeffrey sounds like a cat when bugs chase him and people fall on him. Don't forget to share the show with a friend, rate, and subscribe!

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On today's episode, the guys talk about James & Jeffrey's hiking adventure and why Beau missed out. This leads to the topic of Beau's day job and the idea of following your dreams. Lastly, the fellas hash out a recent controversy they were faced with regarding the podcast... dun-dun-dun! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING & NOT BEING EASILY OFFENDED! WE LOVE YOU BIG TIME!

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Comedians James Ponce, Beau Bowker & Jeffrey Jay talk about the difference between being charming as opposed to being adorable. Jeffrey tries to get all sexy on the listeners with the coaching of James and Beau. The guys stress the importance of just being yourself and focusing on your strengths. PLEASE SHARE THE LINK WITH A FRIEND OR COWORKER!!!  YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!! EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!

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James Ponce & Beau Bowker start off by describing how they prep for the podcast and how Jeffrey Jay wanted to talk about his guilty pleasure: Bowling. He has an awesome bowling story that he is dying to tell. Beau talks about his disdain for color runs and tough mudder while James wants to make an adult playground. Then, Jeff talks about his biggest fear yet and James and Beau will never stop laughing. TELL A FRIEND & SHARE THE LINK! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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James Ponce, Beau Bowker & Jeffrey Jay open up by talking about their stand-up shows in Fort Lauderdale and Ontario with Jo Koy & Michael Yo, respectively, and discuss all of the amazing fans that they met.  The guys also talk about different members of their family that have been listening (sort of) to the podcast.  After Jeffrey recounts seeing a beautiful dude, the guys ponder which magical, mythical creature they would each be.  Also... remember when all of those cool celebrity naked pictures got leaked of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande and every other woman ever?  Well, the guys talk about that too in a spirited debate.  PLEASE SHARE THE SHOW LINK WITH A FRIEND!  THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!  WE LOVE YOU REAL HARD! 

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