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August 2017
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It's Monday and that means it's time to learn about hard hitting news with the Two Black Women Podcast. Usher, the rapper, is in no way selling out by releasing his new music in a cereal box, a cultured parrot flies away from home, and the guys debate the fairness of a transgender woman fighting in the UFC. Also, a parent found meth in their kid's Halloween candy, a bear is under investigation for breaking and entering, and some lady fell in love with a sperm donor (aka: spern domer). Zooey Deschanel (Jeff's arch nemesis), Adam Levine and Matthew Mcconaughey all stop by for a visit. Thanks for subscribing & sharing the show with a friend. Follow @TwoBlackWomen @JamesPonceComic @BeauBowker @HeyJeffreyJay

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Welcome to another glorious episode of the Two Black Women Podcast. This fine Wednesday, you will learn that Jeffrey Jay hates animals, which leads James Ponce and Beau Bowker to discuss their pet peeves and deal breakers in friendships and relationships. Little Javier pays a visit before Beau tells us about his most recent racist indiscretion. We learn that Jeff use to be a real ladies' man when he was a lady and he hates tribbing / scissoring. Beau hates road head and therefore James hates Beau. The guys close out the show by watching some porn. COME SEE #2BW LIVE IN HOUSTON ON DECEMBER 17th & AT THE BREA IMPROV ON DECEMBER 30th! WE LOVE YOU ALL SO TOTALLY HARD! THANK YOU AND PLEASE TELL A FRIEND ABOUT THE SHOW!!!

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It's the Two Black Women Podcast Monday episode and that means James Ponce, Beau Bowker and Jeffrey Jay bring you their take on the news that doesn't matter. A university in Illinois is recognizing gamers as athletes, MacDonalds is giving out books and some fireman had a whole bunch of sex! Now that's news for you! Listen as the guys are visited by Beau's arch nemesis Adam Levine, plus Brad Pitt stops by and everyone's favorite: Ted Ramirez, Space Pope. Also Beau has never kissed a dude. SHARE THE SHOW WITH A FRIEND THIS WEEK! OR ELSE! PLEASE.

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Get your groove back with James Ponce, Beau Bowker and Jeffrey Jay!  Jeff is back from another vacation and he's back on his vegan diet.  The guys talk about people that get high and mighty about their diets and lifestyles.  The citizens of Texas City, Texas make another appearance to publicize Jeff's "Boobs are For Chicks" campaign on (go donate!) for his top surgery. The guys talk about Halloween, guys that don't dress up, and guys that dress up in cool guy costumes.  It's revealed that Beau will pleasure himself to just about anything, which leads to a heated debate about the nature of men and women.  Two Black Women podcast has launched a YouTube channel!  Check it out, subscribe and comment!  Winners of the #2BW t-shirt contest to be named soon on Twitter & Instagram!  Weeeeee!  Thank you to all of the listeners for the support and creativity.  It means a lot!

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Exclusive and hilarious news breaking on the Monday edition of the Two Black Women podcast.  Where do you get your news from?  The newspaper?  Get with the times! Comedians James Ponce, Beau Bowker and Jeffrey Jay bring you stories about how dating apps like Tinder are affecting the economy and whores, a man who takes the (traffic) law into his own hands, and a teenager that stole a bunch of sex toys from Spencer's.  More than anything, Beau gets real offensive again and James and Beau pay a stirring tribute to Jeff's hometown of Texas City, Texas.  Pretty sure they are going to receive a key to the city after this one.  Thanks to all of the fans of the show for all of their incredible support. PLEASE SHARE THE SHOW WITH A FRIEND THIS WEEK!!!

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James, Beau & Jeffrey welcome you back for a new hilarious instalment of Two Black Women. The guys discuss Jeff's amazing pants leading Beau to give him and the listeners some fashion tips. Jeff has a huge announcement: he's chopping off his boobs! Please check out his crowd sourcing campaign "Boobs Are For Chicks" on James announces a campaign of his own. Beau's Cholo Peen pops up again amd the TBW fraternity might have a wet tshirt contest. Plus, the guys announce a contest their holding on Twitter & Instagram to win a free Two Black Women tshirt using the hashtag #2BW !!! Thank you for your support!

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Halloween is upon us & the Two Black Women gang is all up on the news. From a ghost town to a town that hates poor trick or treaters to some crap school district that's trying to ruin Halloween by calling it a "Fall Festival." Also, fireworks, grave robbers and crappy candy! James Ponce, Beau Bowker and Jeffrey Jay bring you a craptacular spooktacular! PLEASE COMMENT ON OUR ITUNES PAGE! THANK YOU TO THE LISTENERS FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT! OKAY, BYE!

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Comedians James Ponce, Beau Bowker & Jeffrey Jay put on a marathon episode. Jeff talks about his experience touring colleges across the country and James & Beau discuss some of the amazing listeners they got to meet at their shows in Orange County.  Jeff used to wear lizards as earrings, which leads to another in depth discussion of Jeff's hazardous hometown of Texas City, Texas.  Beau wants to know how certain racial slurs came to be and the guys pick their favorites.  James presents a hypothetical wherein Jeff dates an intolerant dude.  The TBW Fraternity sets its standards for membership. Let the guys know on Twitter (@JamesPonceComic, @BeauBowker, @HeyJeffreyJay) whether you think Jeff should be allowed in the fraternity using the hashtag #DeanJeff.  Lastly, the guys get into a discussion of white privilege, exclusivity and Billy Zabka.  THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!! KEEP SHARING WITH FRIENDS & DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT ON ITUNES & STITCHER!!! WE LOVE YOU REAL BAD!!!

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Monday news edition of the Two Black Women Podcast! James Ponce & Beau Bowker are happy to have Jeffrey Jay back. In the news this week, a low speed pursuit, be wary of Halloween candy laced with pot, some dude is trying to lop off his balls, along with other funny and weird news stories. The comics talk about media bias, the relentless 24 hour news cycle, and the guys' new robot. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!!!  PLEASE HAVE A FRIEND LISTEN TO THE SHOW!!! EVEN IF THEY DON'T WANT TO!!! FORCE THEM!!!

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New Two Black Women podcast for your ear holes!  James Ponce & Beau Bowker hold down the fort with Jeffrey Jay still touring on the east coast.  The dudes talk about pitbulls before reading some of Jeff's "adventures."  Spoiler Alert: they are not adventures.  Recapping their standup shows in San Francisco, James & Beau give some love to the incredible fans that they hung out with, such as almond (amond) farmer, Mike (tweet @BordinCa for all of your screen printing needs).  The drunk motivational speaker comes out and the guys think about starting their own fraternity.  Who's in?!  Lastly, the guys ask that you play the podcast for a friend this week or directly send someone a link to the show.  That's how we grow!  But don't tell Cynthia from the office... we find out why Cynthia is just the worst.  GRATITUDE TO YOU ALL!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! WE WANT TO MARRY YOU!!! TOO BAD IT'S ILLEGAL.  @JamesPonceComic @BeauBowker @HeyJeffreyJay

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