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August 2017
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Today, Beau Bowker and Jeffrey Jay hold down the pillow fort while James Ponce is home for the holidays. In the true spirit of Christmas, Jeff informs Beau that his tree is sad and gay. The guys discuss maturity versus childlike wonderment and one time Beau hit someone else's kid. Beau also got naked one time on film. Those are separate incidents though. The guys talk about their childish quirks in adulthood and Jeff will never stop wearing blue camo pants. Big day for Two Black Women as they've launched their new website filled with super cool stuff. Go check out and send the dudes your feedback! The gang is performing at the Brea Improv on December 30th!  Email to get on the guest list:

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James and Beau start out making fun of Jeff, as per usual, for doing a thing called a Reddit exchange. Then the boys talk about adopting a kid together. Little Javier comes out of his closet/room to explain to Jeff and James what a wonderful father Beau is. The boys talk about racing turtles, and finally Zoey Dechanel stops by to confess more embarassing life stories! Don't forget Two Black Women will be at the Brea Improv on December 30th! Email for tickets!

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Happy hump day from the Two Black Women crew! Today the boys discuss the DMX Christmas Special and get all serious about religion, but don't worry because there's plenty to laugh at when Jeff goes on a date and asks a guy if he can kiss him. DON'T FORGET TWO BLACK WOMEN WILL HAVE THEIR FIRST LIVE SHOW AT THE BREA IMPROV ON DECEMBER 30TH! Email for tickets!

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It's News Monday and the boys come up with a kids show for Jeffrey Jay, discuss a 70's themed plane, a bus that runs on poop and the worst baby names in 2014. Plus, a man steals 6.5 lbs of cow tongue, chimp rights, and the most overrated sex moves. Don't forget on December 30th there is a very special Two Black Women Podcast stand-up show at the Brea Improv. Email for tickets!

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Another joyous opening to the show, leading James and Jeff to call out Beau for being grumpy. The guys get into the pitfalls and upshot of using Waze in L.A. traffic and the new Star Wars trailer, starring a black guy, before talking about movie prequels they'd like to see. Two Black Women went on a patented Jeffrey Jay adventure at the Paniq Room for his birthday celebration. Zooey Deschanel pops in to piss off Jeff and Ted Ramirez, Space Pope saves a bunch of space souls. Don't forget to check out the guys December 30th at the Brea Improv! EMAIL:

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It's Jeffrey Jay's birthday! Happy birthday, Jeff! Okay, enough with the festivities, it's Monday, and that means it's time for some hard hitting, weird news. This week, James Ponce, Beau Bowker and Jeffrey Jay fill you in on a drunken Thanksgiving gone wrong, a two headed Chinese goat, and gold diggers and sugar daddies. Plus, a Christmas tree throwing competition, the joy of childbirth, and therapy animals on planes. Email us at and follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @twoblackwomen @JamesPonceComic @BeauBowker @HeyJeffreyJay

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Welcome to a very special bonus extravaganza edition of Two Black Women, as they celebrate America's newest national holiday, Black Friday. Thanksgiving has come and gone and now it's time to get your tent out and act like a total homeless before you barrel over some other tryptophan tripping deal hunter as you rampage towards a new tv. James Ponce, Beau Bowker and Jeffrey Jay walk you through this experience. Along the way, they touch on different Black Friday shoppers and stores, garage sales, gift giving, Jeff's underwears, consumerism, Christmas music, the guys pen their very own song (Christmas Is Coming), and the lawyers that can help you fight Chubby Checker. Oh, and the guys decide to sell Jeff's shit... literally... you'll see.  @JamesPonceComic @BeauBowker @HeyJeffreyJay Tweet us while you're out shopping w/ the hashtag #2BlackFriday

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James and Beau start out with some classic voice warm-ups before getting into Jeff's recent trip where he had a pretty good time performing for an Asian family at the University of Florida.  The guys discuss Tinder and other dating sites and the joy of getting catfished. In honor of Thanksgiving, there's a whole bunch of gratitude and obligatory discussion of favorite foods and the fact that cranberry sauce can go straight to hell.  Jeff's Uncle Paul warms everyone's heart with a beautiful tribute to the holiday.  Lastly, James talks about Krave, an awesome gym in Des Moines... a sentence you didn't know could exist. Email us with any questions or to reserve your spots at the Brea Improv for the December 30th standup show with James Ponce, Beau Bowker and Jeffrey Jay!  WE'RE THANKFUL FOR YOU GUYS!!!

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Monday News Day with the dudes from Two Black Women. A window washer plummeted to safety, there's a bunch of millionaire strippers strutting around New York, and Chick-Fil-A has a list of words you're not allowed to say. Plus, the Duggars and their 19 kids (and counting) are super into straight marriage, Sarah Palin wants to fix immigration by sending Mexicans on a cruise, and "Winnie the Pooh is a half-naked hermaphrodite" according to Poland. The guys are putting out a BONUS podcast this FRIDAY, 11/28, for Black Friday!  #TwoBlackFriday

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The guys get all deep on you, talking about the weather and soulless weather men. James talks about a valuable experience he had while in Boston and the fact that we need to look inward in our relationships, work environments and ourselves in general. Fight the ego and do that which you fear the most! Beau talks about a recent run in with a deaf guy at his local coffee shop, a rogue blind guy plaguing his neighborhood and failing to help an old lady that fell and couldn't get up. Jeffrey was hung up by cancelled flights (adventure!), but will return with a vengeance! Thanks for listening! Email the show at!

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