Two Black Women with James Ponce, Beau Bowker, and Jeffrey Jay







August 2017
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The show opens on James and Beau getting Jeffrey to unwittingly regale the listeners in tales of his days in musical theater.  The guys go on to talk about the nightmare that is musical theater and theater actors in general. There is one last tidbit to wrap up the mail saga and it comes to the surface that Beau and every other white person in the world is at least a little bit Native American... and they will never stop reminding you of the fact.  There is a review of the Academy Awards, host Neil Patrick Harris, the Oscar speeches and Sean Penn's controversial green card joke and the culture of criticism, outrage and political correctness, especially on social media. Speaking of which, follow the show and the dudes on Twitter! @JamesPonceComic @BeauBowker @HeyJeffreyJay

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The guys open with Beau eating a bunch of crow and apologizing to the United States Postal Service. Then... news! What the government doesn't want you to know about aliens and UFOs, what James wants you to know about the color of your pee, and what Ashton Kutcher says you need to do to make sure you're not gay. Thank you for listening and telling a friend!

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The three dudes are reunited at the Two Black Women studio where Jeffrey and James found Beau's measuring tape... in a precarious spot. Jeff is back from his successful NACA shows one of which was at Texas Tech in Lubbock where they love God and Jeff! Old Man Bowker rages against the post office and we meet his special mailman. Just in time for the Oscars, the guys submit their review of Fifty Shades Of Grey, discuss women's attraction to the book, and practice delivering a line from the movie... so many times. Come see the dudes perform at the Brea Improv on April 22nd and get on the free guest list by emailing them at!

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James & Beau bring you this week's weird news, including a talking chimp assimilates to his new environment, robot dogs you can kick the crap out of, a Tokyo zoo runs an elaborate drill, and a list of cool sex stuff that ladies like. That little pervert Andy drops by and Sexbot 3000 reveals Beau's sad sex history. Thanks for the love, guys! Tell a friend!

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Two Black Women invite one black man into the Glendale Studio, comedian and pal Chase Durousseau (@ChaseDurousseau).  Something's different with Beau... he has shaved his proud, powerful beard and neither James nor Liam Neesen like it one bit.  The dudes talk about our dependency on smartphones, dating / voicemail etiquette, and Valentine's (Valentime's) (Balentimes) Day plans.  Mark Wahlberg stops by to leave a message.  The question is posed: can long distance relationships work?  Probably not!  Chase talks about his mean grandma and how he wants to raise his kid.  Zooey Deschanel pops in looking for quirky love.  BREAKING NEWS: the dudes are BACK for another live standup show at the BREA IMPROV on April 22nd!  Email to get on the guest list and get in for free:  Also check out and follow him on Twitter!

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The guys are fresh off a trip to the local Armenian mini mart and ready to bring you some weird news. But first, James and Beau are vetting King Abdullah of Jordan who, along with Liam Neeson, vows to take out ISIS... and Beau. With Jeffrey off doing a bunch of sweet shows, James starts off the news with a viral video of a fur seal having his way with a penguin. So hawt. The guys admit that they've both been sexually assaulted by animals. And with Valentine's Day on the way, the dudes throw out some romantic ideas that are guaranteed to not get you laid. Thanks for sharing the show with a friend! You're doing the Lord's work.

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Things are getting pretty serious between the guys at Two Black Women. James and Jeffrey are moving in together! Plus, Beau admits the grossest thing ever. Then he talks about the grossest roommate in the history of Craigslist crazies. It's all pretty gross. Except for that first part; but after... just... just gross. Enjoy!

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It's news time! Looking for Super Bowl talk? You came to the wrong place, pal! Because the guys recorded it early and have no idea what happened in the game. There are other things in the world going on though. Important stuff. Like Bravo's Greg Plitt who raced a train and lost. Bet you didn't know that. File it under health and fitness. What about 2 Chainz's (2 Chainz's..'s?) possible mayoral candidacy? Yeah, that's politics! Feeling all romantic with Valentine's Day on the horizon? Well, some lady got her b-hole bronzed as a present for her boyfriend. So you could talk about that on your Valentine's date. That's what I call "dessert talk." Two Black Women has you covered. They talk about all that garbage and spin it into gold... gold buttholes. Seriously, they don't even mention the Super Bowl. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!!! SHARE THE SHOW WITH A FRIEND OR CO-WORKER!!!  AND TRY NOT TO SCREW IT UP.

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The guys talk a lot about penises in this episode! Beau wants to make a coin pouch with his balls, his friends used to wear their penises as a watch, James' old buddy used to show him his brain, and Jeffrey once watched penis puppets. Beau tells James and Jeff about two annoying people in whole foods and Boba Fett and Zooey Deschanel stop by. Share the show with a friend and always rememeber, WE LOVE YOU!

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The dudes welcome you with sweet, smooth and sultry sounds before getting into this week's news. James, Beau and Jeffrey talk about a rapper named Tiny Doo, ambulences catering to cyclists, and a really old lady's advice for living longer. Plus, the psychology of Frozen, a crappy Valentine's Day gift, and the guys cheer you up about black people getting snubbed at the Oscar's. There is a lot of singing and banging noises. Lastly, the comics talk about hack comedy. Thanks for listening, you gentle little lambs!

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