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August 2017
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The show opens up with an unwitting Jeffrey calling from his gig in Philadelphia and James and Beau immediately put him in the sewer. In social media news, Beau addresses a cruel coincidence that put him in hot water over an Instagram post. Plus, Beau recaps a drunken wedding weekend that also ended in a regrettable Snapchat binge. As the show wraps up, The long awaited Final Four / What Are We Doing This Four in the March Radness bracket challenge with post game interviews with Toby, Cholo Peen and the Texas City Guys. Championship match on Monday! Come see the guys perform live at the Brea Improv on April 22nd!!! Email us at to get in free!!!

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James and Beau open the show with a call from Jeffrey, who is in New York and talking about killing chickens or something. James found a new button and he's not afraid to use it. March Radness is in full swing, alongside the NCAA Tournament, and the guys give a rundown of the Sweet 16 and Elite 8. Next, it's time for news, featuring a guy who burned himself on a fajita and the government is going to monitor online bullying. The guys rant about TSA, capitalism, and Jeffrey crawling down into the sewer. Thank you for listening!

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Today, Jeffrey Jay opens the show... from Dallas, Texas!... over the phone. Weird, right?! He recaps his latest harrowing tale about getting ice cream.  The guys say goodbye to Jeff and say hello to guest and entrepreneur, Anton Guerrero.  Anton shares his inspiring journey from a runaway in the Philippines to an American immigrant with elevated aspirations in North Dakota, falling down, getting back up and owning his own James, Beau and Anton discuss the power of positive thought, the ability to manifest your vision, and the importance of believing in yourself, as evident in the guys' comedy / standup careers, and Anton's many endeavors, including his clothing company @Hippoesthetics and his new restaurant with partner Jo Koy @YojieLV in Las Vegas. Finally, it's tourney time!  James and Beau breakdown the first round of the 2BW March Radness Bracket Challenge! There are winners, losers and ties. Stay tuned next week for the Sweet Sixteen! And be sure to check out Anton's clothing line Hippo Esthetics for some rad threads!

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James and Beau recap their standup shows in Las Vegas and San Diego and the awesome fans that came out to support. It's tourney time, but who cares about March Madness... Two Black Women is bringing you March Radness. Fill out your brackets and enter for a chance to be a call-in guest on the podcast! Deadline is Tuesday night! After all that business, the guys get to the weird news of the day: to boil it down, one guy is terrorizing his neighborhood by standing around all naked in his house and the other is terrorizing his neighborhood by pooping on a bunch of cars. James reads a list of Beau lists (#OldManBowkerList) and Beau reads a list of 6 Types of Compliments Men Love to Hear. The dudes get all emotional, get in touch with their feminine sides and then tell ladies what to add onto the end of their compliments. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!!!

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The clues that James and Jeffrey have given as to the whereabouts of Two Black Women Studios, aka Beau's condo, have led the listeners to within a stone's throw.  In health news, Beau has quit smoking, although he is still a huge fan of smokers. The dudes discuss the negative nature and power of habits, those obnoxious ad campaigns by, and the misnomers of secondhand smoke. Plus, the guys talk about house parties and the ridiculousness of St. Patrick's Day. AND two black women actually appear on Two Black Women. Finally, the announcement of 2BW's March Madness bracket challenge!

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News Monday! The guys have an idea on how to get SAE reinstated at Oklahoma, but they're not gonna like it. James is always looking at butts. Dolce and Gabana are gay, but have a really funny way of showing it. Beau wants to have sex with a nanny. Little Javier stops by and so does Cholo Peen. A falcon puts an end to an owl's reign of terror. And good news for penises everywhere! And do ladies care about penis size? Who knows! Thanks for listening! Tell a friend!

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The honorable bros of the TBW Fraternity are back and ready to stick it to the evil Dean Jeff. Pledges are butt chugging ranch dressing, there's slumber parties, a wet t-shirt contest and a rousing game of soggy biscuit.  Everybody is in. Except for Dean Jeff. Oh, and minorities are totally in, so take that, OU's SAE chapter! Also, Beau introduces James and Jeffrey to his favorite thing on the internet... Tub Girl. "LIKE" Two Black Women on Facebook and send us an email at!  Standup show at the Brea Improv on April 22nd!

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It's News Monday! If you like weird news, then you came to the right podcast. A dumb criminal responds to a Facebook post, Polish Craigslist offers a job as a coffin model, a Japanese inventor made a talking pillow for pillow talk, and there's a new camera for FaceTime, only it's for vaginas. Also, Leonard Nimoy died. Sorry. COMMENT, RATE & SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES!!! THANKS!!!

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The guys are back together! James recounts his childhood days in a retirement community and Jeffrey has a ghostly encounter in his new place with James. Beau has an endearing new nickname for Jeffrey, which is also the title of a new J. Lo and Matthew McConaughey rom-com. There's been a lot of action on the Two Black Women Facebook page, including pictures of Cynthia from HR and a touching story about Adam Levine and a young Maroon 5 fan. Plus, the guys weigh in on the metaphysics of last week's meme that took over the internet: The Dress. Is it blue and black or white and gold? It's whatever you want it to be! Yayyyy. Everybody loses!  Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! Thanks for the support, folks!

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James and Beau serenade the listeners with some sweet soothing whistling, which reminds Beau that he's gotten really into amateur bird calling recently. It's pretty sad. Then it's time for all the weird news that's fit to be carelessly posted on the internet!  A bus driver in New Jersey has been arrested for stealing preschoolers' lunch money, the geniuses at Fartners have developed a social media app to share all of your coolest farts, a classy couple almost dies in a dumpster, and the guys review a top ten list of things you never knew about infidelity. Thanks for listening and sharing the show with a friend!

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