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June 2017
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The guys are spread across the universe once again leaving James to handle the pod all by his lonesome. If you are into spoilers skip to 12:02.

Another invention is dropped on the show and stealing it is encouraged. A trip to the fit expo leads to some serious couple matching dilemmas as well as wardrobe dilemmas. Are you guys ready to pitch the next hottest product to Bed Bath and Beyond with James cause you are all hired!

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Welcome in to another week with the Two Black Women Podcast! James reminds us that Amy Winehouse is dead. Find out what the guys would do if they won the Powerball Lottery and how Beau's dad plans to split up the lottery, which includes taking Jeffrey Jay as a husband.  Jeffrey recounts almost knocking over a cup of Beau's mom and James has a business idea what to do with your loved ones' ashes.  Lastly, check out the guys on social media (@HeyJeffreyJay, @JamesPonceComic, @BeauBowker) and check out Beau's new YouTube video about the Powerball Lottery at  THANK YOU FOR LISTENING & SHARING THE SHOW WITH FRIENDS!!! 

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Big news from the Two Black Women Podcast! The dudes are launching a campaign to raise funds on Patreon to grow the show and bring you more original content! Go check out the campaign at In this episode, the guys explain the campaign and get phone calls from their favorite guests, like Zooey Deschanel, Jeffrey Jay's boyfriend, Liam Neeson, Toby, Lil' Javier and James' subconscious. Check it out, donate if you can on Patreon, keep you enjoying the podcast and telling your pals about the show! THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE LOVE AND SUPPORT, FOLKS!!! WE LOVE YOU REAL REAL BAD!!!

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In the afterglow o Halloween, James and Beau talk about Beau's costume with his girlfriend. The guys get into how much the band Kiss totally sucks and why Peter Criss would choose the Catman persona. James shares a news story about a real life zombie eating a kid's brain in a haunted house in Austin, Texas. This leads to a discussion on urban legends, including New Kids On The Block member Joey McIntire and Rod Stewart having a whole bunch of semen pumped out of their stomachs. Jeffrey Jay calls in again from Chicago to discuss his Halloween costume with his boyfriend. Thank you all for listening and sharing the show with a co-worker or friend!!!

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In honor of the live podcast at the Brea Improv (September 30th), the guys are sharing their first ever live show from the Navajo Live Bar!  With special guest Justin Foster, James and Beau talk to their eclectic audience, which included a Polyamorous Meet-Up group.  This leads to a discussion about the guys losing their virginity and sleeping with your friend's girlfriend.  Plus, a news story about a lady that had a very interesting holster... spoiler alert, we are talking about her vagina. Oh, and Beau gets into it with a "Wheelchaired American." COME OUT TO BREA!!! EMAIL THE DUDES AT TWOBLACKWOMEN@GMAIL.COM TO GET ON THE GUEST LIST!!! 

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Happy Monday, everybody! Beau and James discuss people that say "Happy Monday," and the Texas City guys pay a visit to the show. In this week's weird news, Japanese ladies are attracted to a hot gorilla. Is it because Japanese people are more evolved or because they just like having sex with stuff? You decide! Also, some teens invented a condom that detects STDs by changing colors... what a buzzkill.  Jeffrey calls in and James drops the ultimate news story about Beau...and its sooo 'official'.  THANK YOU FOR LISTENING AND SHARING THE SHOW WITH A FRIEND! 

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To welcome Jeffrey back to the show, James and Beau let him start off with his very own horrible rap song.  Jeffrey has lots of new toys from a Reddit  "friend" and lots of new jewelry, and Beau is not happy about it.  The guys discuss tattoos, the Bridgetown comedy festival and adults playing in the rain.  The Texas City Guys pay a visit. Beau is leaving for Europe soon, so James and Jeffrey wrote him a goodbye song.  Plus, your awesome iTunes reviews!  Thank you all so much for the support and for sharing the show with a friend! 
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It's Monday, and that means weird news on the podcast! James Ponce & Beau Bowker go old school Two Black Women all over your faces, as Jeffrey Jay is on tour. The guys talk about an infested house, a new way to conserve water, Hitler's sex life, a walking meth lab, taking advantage of the elderly, and a fast and easy funeral parlor. And Zooey Deschanel drops by! THANKS FOR TELLING YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THE SHOW!!! YOU'RE THE BEST. EVER. IN THE WORLD. FOR REALSIES.

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James Ponce, Beau Bowker, and Jeffrey Jay are back from Chicago and there is a lot of catching up to do. The boys visited the Chicago Field Museum where they learned Jeff has the strength of an eight year old, went to a Wrigley Field, got yelled at at a hotdog stand, and were pulled over by a Russian cop... ALL IN THE SAME NIGHT! Oh yeah, and it's apparently Hispanic Heritage Month. Keep up with us on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, and if you haven't already RATE & SUBSCRIBE!

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Fresh off a bar show in Southern California, James Ponce, Beau Bowker & Jeffrey Jay welcome comedian Nick Guerra (Last Comic Standing)(@NickComic). James & Beau are a little tipsy after Beau's life heckler bought them a bunch of drinks. The guys talk about the show and their early experiences as standup comics. WE LOVE YOU ALL! FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @JAMESPONCECOMIC @BEAUBOWKER @HEYJEFFREYJAY

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