Two Black Women with James Ponce, Beau Bowker, and Jeffrey Jay (comedy)







June 2017
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It's the eve of a big day for Jeffrey and Beau and James can't stop teasing him about his little outfits laid out for tomorrow.  Jeff is in a real mood and isn't taking anymore crap!  Except for some added crap about his favorite "rap" group, Die Antwoord. Also, James and Beau make a lot of sexing noises.  Beau talks about the time he was on a teenage dance show with Vitamin C and Mandy Moore on Fox Family, which leads the guys to practice their swaying.  To round it all out, there is a discussion about marriage, taking a man's last name, and soulmates.  SHARE, RATE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE! DO ALL THE THINGS! THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

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Looking for some cool music? Keep looking, pal! Jeffrey defends his favorite band, Die Antwoord, against Beau and James' relentless attacks. Eventually, the guys get into some news, including Harriet Tubman sneaking her way onto the ten dollar bill and a cat is at the Alamo! Can you believe that?! Old people are humping a whole bunch, getting STDS and gumming up their works! You'll see what we mean. Plus, shoutouts, the iTunes review of the week, and birthday love! Come out to the San Diego show in July! Listen for details! You are loved... Hard.

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Beau, fresh off of his trip to Europe, makes his triumphant return to the podcast! James and Jeffrey are regaled in tales of offensive imitations, Beau's view on Chinese tourists and the dump that turned into an international incident.  Also, Jeffrey is wearing a dress and is still alive. So that's nice. Come check the guys out in San Diego on July 15th! Listen for details and email to get in for free!  Thank you for all of the love and support, ya filthy animals! 
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Beau is still gone and we miss him dearly, but there is still a lot for James and Jeff to talk about because Jeffrey Jay had one hell of a week. He lost a phone to a swimming pool, watched 13 hours of Orange is the New Black, and adopted a dog for one day. Oh, and did we forget that Jeff had his car totaled in a head on collision today? After a lot of jokes and some serious discussion about life, broken ribs, and optimism they imagine the coolest deaths ever! James and Jeff even get to talk about cannibalism and old people getting married. Thank you so much for being beautiful people. We love you dearly!


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Beau Bowker is still gone and it is too much power for James and Jeff. The guys talk about Beau’s Facebook pictures from Europe, Star Wars, and Jeffrey’s new life without an iPhone. If you thought their love for Star Wars was bad, wait until you hear how much James and Jeff love cooking shows. Then without any parental guidance they decide to talk about sex and porn… a lot! They end the show by reading the best new iTunes comments so thank you for being amazing and rating the show!!!
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BEAU IS GONE! James and Jeffrey break into Beau’s apartment without his consent to record the podcast and invite Justin Foster to the party. Then Beau calls in to regale us of his exciting tales of driving a car. They discuss their favorite moments, Jeff’s newest adventures across the nation and at the Belmont Stakes, and Zooey Deschanel even stops by. We love you all so much. Thank you for coming along on this magnificent journey. HAPPY 100th!!!

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Beau isn’t gone yet but that doesn’t keep James and Jeff from making fun of him relentlessly. Zooey Stops by once again and Beau gets to rant about the Hamburgler. Since Beau is leaving Liam Neeson wants to send him off with a goodbye killing and he almost gets him confused with Tom Hardy, because apparently that’s Beau’s twin. We love you! Don't forget to rate the show!

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HAPPY MONDAY! You want news? TOO BAD! Instead Beau, James and Jeff talk about how much they are going to miss Beau on his upcoming trip to Europe. We discuss Beau’s serious addiction to making lists, why traveling is so important, and toilets heard round the world! To top it off Jeff is going on a slumber party tour across the country and everyone is invited except Beau! We end the show reading our top iTunes comments so thank you so much for rating and leaving a comment. WE LOVE YOU! KISSES!

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Jeff’s all testosteroned up and ready to party so the boys talk about Chat Roulette, Skype sex, and Beau’s sex conference calls. Beau defends his position on pregnant ladies and shares his intense knowledge of women’s bodies. Then Jeff’s Australian ex-boyfriend stops by again to make a bunch of awkward sex noises. Thanks again to everyone who has left comments on iTunes! We love you all so much!

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The dudes open up singing their favorite offensive song... don't worry, it's a metaphor! Also, James relays his childhood experience in the confession booth and the guys talk about not being ready to have wives kids. Later, Beau explains why he has to marry their hair stylist. Lastly, the guys talk A LOT about having sex with pregnant ladies. Also, Shakira makes an appearance. Ever heard of her?!?! Share the show with a friend, or a pregnant lady!

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