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August 2017
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The guys have a big announcement that is a mix of good and bad news. You will laugh, they will cry, but most importantly you will be showered in love and gratitude that you so deeply deserve. Keep in touch with the guys by following them across social media @BeauBowker @HeyJeffreyJay @JamesPonceComic, which will also allow you to keep up with all of their new projects. Be sure to check out the Good New Bad News Show, out now! Visit and subscribe on iTunes. WE LOVE YOU ALL. SO HARD. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. BE WELL. NAMASTE.

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Due to massive technical difficulties this week the boys couldn't put out shows, but WE HAVE EXCITING NEWS! March 30th we are back at the Brea Improv so take your butts there! Also, Beau and Jeff have a new video coming out Thursday Feb 4th! If you have good or bad news submit them to Beau or Jeff on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or email, and on Monday we will all be back in action to announce all of our exciting news! See you soon baboons! XOXO 

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It's a solo Beau show and Old Man Bowker has a bunch of old news for you! That's right, we're talking O.J. Simpson, Monica Lewinsky and 9/11! Good times! Thank you all for listening and being all awesome all the time! Tweet us! @TwoBlackWomen @BeauBowker @HeyJeffreyJay @JamesponceComic

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Jeffrey Jay and Beau Bowker try to figure out how to open the podcast.  They then discuss the guy's new YouTube video (, Jeff's recent appearance on the Awkward Human Survival Guide podcast, and some of the issues he helped resolve.  The fellas delve deep into the topic of fake butts, Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj, Lastly, they react to the Academy Awards boycott by Spike Lee, Jada Pinkett Smith and Michael Moore in response to the academy's omission of black actors from this year's Oscar nominees.  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR BEING AMAZING AND SUPPORTING THE PODCAST ON SOCIAL MEDIA!!! 
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Beau and Jeffrey kick the show off with their weekend roundup. Beau describes the awesomeness that was Brad Williams' new hour stand-up special for Showtime and Jeffrey recounts his nude modeling experience. The guys review FiFi, a fleshlight sort of adult toy, and Beau exains that he has quit the one thing he never thought he would/could. THANK YOU ALL FOR LISTENING AND SHARING!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

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Our buddy Matt Golightly joins the boys for this episode! He and Beau share a distaste for "the man" that aways seems to get them in into trouble. Beau argues his "diarrhea defense", and James shares stories from their past. Also, Jeffrey is going to be the nude model for an art class. We love you bunches and bunches!

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Happy New Year again! Today the boys talk about everything from women to hormones. Beau tells the tale of buying his girlfriend tampons and Jeffrey explains what the heck is going on down there. We love you bunches! No, really. Stop being all moody. Geez, is it that time of the month?

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2016: New Year, New You, Old Us

Happy New Year, folks! It's a 2015 year in review of sorts, recapping favorite moments and reminiscing on Jeffrey's board game, "Don't Step On My Beaver!" They cover the transgender community with Caitlyn Jenner, Transparent, and The Danish Girl. It wouldn't be a 2015 tribute without Donald Trump, his wall along the Mexican border, and his policy on Muslims. Plus, the dudes recap their totally boring New Year's Eve and explain why it isn't all that bad. They talk New Year's Resolutions, including Beau's new YouTube video and Jeffrey's rendition. The guys have some plans to help you keep your New Year's resolutions, including making you a poop baby. Looking forward to an awesome year for Jeffrey Jay, James Ponce and Beau Bowker, and all you lovely listeners! Be well and thank you for being part of the journey!

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To close out the year we present a compilation of some of our favorite moments from 2015. The boys made you laugh and cry (mostly cry) with new bumpers, songs, big fat rap beats, stories, and characters. From all of us black women, we hope the next year is as wonderful as you made this year for us. We love you bunches. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Happy Honda Days! We love you so much! We had a baby mini episode for X-Mas but we will be back and full force next week! We hope you have an amazing holiday and if you want to help the podcast be possible you can donate to 

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