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To close out the year we present a compilation of some of our favorite moments from 2015. The boys made you laugh and cry (mostly cry) with new bumpers, songs, big fat rap beats, stories, and characters. From all of us black women, we hope the next year is as wonderful as you made this year for us. We love you bunches. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Happy Honda Days! We love you so much! We had a baby mini episode for X-Mas but we will be back and full force next week! We hope you have an amazing holiday and if you want to help the podcast be possible you can donate to 

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The dudes open up with another tremendous rap sesh. Freshly back from their show in Monterey, they talk about Beau's run in with the law and James' rebellion against seatbelts. They recap the stand-up show and ponder who the worst audience member would be. Jeffrey and James give their two cents on the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens (don't worry, no spoilers!). Thank you all for listening! We love you real hard!

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Star Wars is still on the brain because it's EVERYWHERE! James and Jeffrey have a one movie Star Wars marathon where they discover Beau is the C-3PO to Jeff's R2-D2. Beau reacts to the new Miley Cyrus video, discusses slut shaming, and has been rapping a lot lately. Finally, the boys share their favorite rap lyrics. Want to send us something for the Honda Days? Go to We looooooove you!

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This week the boys get super hardcore into rap, talk the holidays, and transgender pets. We decide amish people need to figure out what they want, but more importantly Beau went to see a ballet so he is super cool and cultured now. Jeffrey is a super hero with the world's worst super powers, Yacub stops by, and we close out the show with the Texas City guys. If you are in the holiday giving spirit go to our Patreon and help us survive at!

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Beau is back with his super cool beard! James, Beau and Jeffrey are together again to share their light and positivity by putting kids in their place. They talk 80's movies, learning from children, and commercials that make no sense. We love you and your super cool butts and don't forget you can be an official producer if you go to!

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You're in for a treat because Beau has the day off! Thanks to the Patreon the boys have a new producer and he's makin' changes! Ruperto G is on board with fresh new ideas that are completely real and not at all made up. James and Jeffrey talk Star Wars, Die Antwoord, and Justin Bieber. We learn that Beau is super transgender and loves his pantsuits. We will be sure to keep you updated on the status of Beau's employment and in the meantime you can make your own changes by heading to! 

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The guys are literally on the road again, podcasting from the car as they head to their comedy show recording for Burn TV. James has another totally brilliant invention, but Beau is being a nanny-naysayer. The guys want you to help them write a brand new Christmas song. Send them your song titles! Beau has a real problem with the evolution of motorcycles and their saddlebags. There's some road rage when a giant truck tries to kill your favorite podcast. Plus, traffic laws you should definitely break and a follow up on the Phuc Dat Bich news story. THANK YOU ALL FOR LISTENING & PLAYING ALONG AT HOME!!! Follow @TwoBlackWomen on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram xoxox

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The dudes welcome everyone in to a new week, which also happens to be Jeffrey Jay's birthday week. This is also the month where all of the sweet rewards start kicking in. Beau brings up that there is a giantess fetish where guys pretend that the porn model is fifty feet tall and they get put in the huge lady's vagina. James asks Beau about role playing and the guys play out some uncomfortable scenarios. There's a shout out to the Cool Boob Losers who have hired Liam Neeson to do some pretty messed up stuff to Beau and a sea cow. The dudes finally get to the news where James announces the birth of red panda bears at the Syracuse Zoo and Beau is all fired up about the University of Ottawa banning a free yoga class due to a complaint about cultural appropriation. Lastly, Patreon donors are able to check out a video of Beau's Thanksgiving karaoke sesh at THANK YOU FOR LISTENING AND LAUGHING WITH US!!! WE LOVE YOU REAL REAL BAD!!!
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Thanksgiving Don'ts and Don'ts

The guys kick off the show by playing an EDM video of some kid beat boxing and dropping beats with a McDonald's soda. This really pisses off Beau and James on a number of levels. Then, it's Thanksgiving time! The dudes discuss their Thanksgiving plans and Beau's Filipino smorgasbord that awaits him. James gives some pointers on toasts, speeches and classic Turkey Day jokes to tell at the dinner table. Beau comes with a list of 8 Things Never to Say at Thanksgiving Dinner and he makes his own list of The Top 8 Thanksgiving Relatives. Lastly, the dudes give a very special thank you to the listeners, the Patreon contributors and Ruperto Gutierrez for his generous pledge to the podcast. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING, FOLKS!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! VISIT US AT



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